Beard Trainee Programme…the Trainees View

This year’s Beard trainee programme has seen us take seven more students, who are looking to underpin the learning from their studies, with practical hand-on experience during a year-out from their university courses.

I caught up with three of them; Dominic, Morgan and Kyne to get their perspective on construction and find out how they are settling in.

Tell me a little bit about you:

Dominic: I am 20 years old and from a village in Oxfordshire. I have just finished my 2nd year of Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management at Coventry University.

Morgan: I am 20 years old and from London. I am currently studying Civil Engineering at Loughborough University.

Kyne: I am 20 years old and from Crawley in West Sussex, I am studying Quantity Surveying at the University of Portsmouth.


What made you decide construction was the career for you?

Dominic: The construction industry interests me as it is such a diverse industry, that can bring new experiences every day. It also has such a huge impact on the real world; in construction you can physically see both long-term and short-term results of your efforts, which you can’t see in other industries.

Finally, the construction industry is one that brings different sets of people together to collaborate as a team; whether you are an engineer, and IT technician or a decorator, there is a place for you in construction.

Morgan: From a very early age I enjoyed putting things together, from a Lego set to Ikea furniture! As I grew older I witnessed work taking place at home over several years. Being around construction for extended periods I came to enjoy it and ended up working as a labour for a builder. This taught me the importance of preparation and planning prior to construction. This eventually led me to pursue a career in construction.

Kyne: My dad is a project manager in the construction industry, so I had exposure to the industry from a young age. This led me to looking at the career options available and deciding that my skills best match a Quantity Surveying role. A QS has various roles including going out on site one day and being in an office the next, so you are never doing the same thing which can become tedious.


How did you hear about Beard?

Dominic: I live locally to both the Swindon and Oxford offices of Beard and have seen several projects that Beard have worked on such as Kingham Hill School and a section of the John Radcliffe Hospital.

Morgan: My careers advisor at university told me about Beard’s trainee programme.

Kyne: I saw the opportunity with Beard on my university careers page and I had also seen Beard working on a project at a school in Crawley (Our Lady of Heaven), so I had a little knowledge of the business before applying.


Why did you want to work for Beard?

Dominic: I believe a placement year for a Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management course, such as the one I am on, is essential as there is only so much you can learn in a classroom environment.

I felt that Beard’s placement application and interview process made me feel welcome and that they have a strong and inviting set up founded on family values. After looking at a number of placements, I felt Beard offered me to best opportunity to grow and learn outside of university.

Furthermore, Beard do not employ you as a QS trainee like other companies, but as a construction trainee. This allows me an exposure to other areas of construction that I would not have otherwise had and provides an excellent opportunity to make significant improvements in my construction knowledge.

Morgan: The policies on protecting the environment and working with the community attracted me to Beard as I feel that these are very important factors that are often overlooked in the industry. I was also attracted to the variety of projects completed by the company as I believe it will allow me to obtain a breadth of knowledge of projects of different sizes and at different stages.

Kyne: I joined Beard because I felt I would not feel lost as a trainee and would get the chance to see and do a wide range of activities. Being told I would work across various departments appealed to me such as Quantity Surveying and estimating, this allows me to seek an understanding of what different roles there are and what I enjoy the most for when I finish university.


How have you found the induction process and your first few weeks?

Dominic: It’s been an enjoyable first few weeks, everyone has made me feel relaxed and welcome at Beard. I have seen an overview of each person’s role in the Preconstruction Team and have begun to be introduced to new software such as Conquest. I have been pleasantly surprised at how much of the work relates to things I have learnt at university and how involved in the work they have encouraged me to be.

Morgan: The induction was great and helped me to find my feet very quickly.

Kyne: The first few weeks have been excellent, everyone I have met has been welcoming and friendly, which has made settling in very easy. The induction programme has been helpful in allowing me to meet new people and obtaining and understanding of how the year should progress.



What project (doesn’t have to be a Beard project) would you have loved the chance to work on and why?

Dominic: As a huge football fan, there are a number of stadiums and facilities I would have enjoyed working on, such as the Emirates or Wembley Stadium.

Morgan: I would have loved to have worked on the London eye as it is an iconic structure for London as a whole and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city.

Kyne: The project I am currently working on is an amazing experience and I am excited about the projects I could be part of in the future. I would love to have been part of the construction of Wembley stadium, I am a huge football fan, being part of the heart of football in the UK and major events such as Anthony Joshua fights would be amazing, seating over 90,000 people every event/match.

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