Blessing of the Dome and Shikars Ceremony at Anoopam Mission

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  • Left to right: Andy Shephard, Harish Muni, James Hines, Jay Sakaria, Nick Pusey, Manu Ramji

We are nearing completion of phase 1 of a 3 phase project at Anoopam Mission’s UK headquarters in Denham, Uxbridge

The first phase of the design and build project includes building a new temple and reception area, both single storey buildings.

On 15 June, around 100 people attended the ceremony to bless the dome and three Shikars which were installed on the roof using cranes.  The ceremony was attended by devotees of the Mission and their invited guests including Beard and other project staff.

Anoopam Mission’s aim is to help those who need it the most, without any discrimination.  They are a spiritual group that selflessly serves humanity by working in the areas of health, education, relief, rehabilitation, social welfare and spiritual and cultural activities.  Anoopam Mission believes in serving God by serving humanity.

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