Built with Ambition - The Book

Building with ambition

It starts in the imagination. An idea of creation, a promise, a shared aspiration, a brief met. Needs fulfilled.

Every building starts with possibilities. The potential for greatness. A chance to challenge convention, to ask questions of how we experience our environment, of how we respond to a space and what we want from it. How it can nurture us. How it can protect, inspire and invigorate us.

A building – any building – comes to life once life takes residence. Once people enter through the doors, meaning walks beside them. A void filled with passions; with wants, needs and fears. A space transformed by the vibrations of humanity, channelled through – and focused by – its structure.

The process of building is an act of alchemy; turning bricks and mortar, wood and steel into a rich tapestry that wraps itself around the people within. People who live, learn, work and connect. People, who give architecture reason and make sense of it all.

We build spaces with integrity, imagination and commitment.

We build with purpose, we build with heart.

We build with ambition.

Because great buildings start with big ideas.

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