Focus on…. Assistant Contracts Manager

Celebrating the breadth of jobs available in the construction industry we will be publishing a series of articles, each focusing on a different role. Today’s focus is on the role of an Assistant Contracts Manager.

Dan Hogan is an Assistant Contracts Manager who has been with Beard since July 2003.

I asked him some questions about his career within construction.

How long have you been in the industry?

I started along this road 14 years ago, beginning as an apprentice carpenter, progressing to become a working foreman and have now been promoted to Assistant Contracts Manager.

How did you get into construction?

I started college doing accountancy, economics and business studies. I wasn’t keen on this after a few months and so decided to try something manual. My father is a roofer so I’ve always worked with him growing up. Carpentry was my favourite choice and I knew I could make a difference by completing works in people’s homes to a good standard ensuring happy customers.

What sort of things does your job entail?

My new daily role has changed. It now consists of emails, internal meetings, site meetings with customers and clients, pricing and invoicing.

What training has your job entailed?

I have worked up from starting as an apprentice carpenter 14yrs ago to working foreman and now contracts manager.

Some training has been done internally mainly with learning Beard systems and programmes, but I have also had training such as SMSTS (Site Management Safety Training Scheme) and First Aid.

What skills/qualities do you think you need to be an assistant contracts manager?

I think you need to be computer literate, can adapt to different environments and client needs. You need to be professional and approachable, have a good understanding of the building trade whilst being able to communicate in various ways via emails and telephone conversations.

What do you like most about your job?

I like the fact that I am meeting new people on a daily basis but I am still able to make a positive impact on customers lives with the work we do.

Are there any projects that have stood out in your career so far?

As someone who has recently been promoted into this role I don’t have any stand out projects yet but during my last role as a carpenter I will never forget how grateful one of our customers was when she returned after a week away from her home to find that I had managed to completely refit her kitchen after it had been damaged by water.

What would you say about working for Beard?

Beard has been a very good company to work for over the last 14 years. They have provided me with a weekly wage, relevant training each year and further education when I returned to college to complete an ONC in Construction. I would recommend Beard as an employer.

What would you say to anyone considering a career in construction?

I think mainly you need to be determined to produce the best work you can focusing on the customer and their needs. You need to be able to adapt your way of thinking daily and be ready to put hard work in when it is needed.

What do you think you need to succeed into the construction industry?

I think to be in the industry you need to have a good insight and enthusiasm from a young age and have an understanding that in construction, the whole ethos is different to an office based job. There can be more freedom which encourages people to be more relaxed.

Do you think construction has changed/is changing over the years and if so in what way?

In the years I have been working, the industry has changed a lot. The knowledge of the subcontractors has improved over the years. I also believe that the industry has become safer and there have been many technological advances with the use of computer programs and drawing applications.


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