How We Work

Supply Chain

We like to support local suppliers whenever we can

The effectiveness and efficiency of our supply chain are key to maintaining our reputation for quality and delivery excellence.

Developing successful long-term relationships with our key suppliers and subcontractors is essential. That’s why we’ve formed the Beard Alliance, a formal network of suppliers committed to customer service, safety, efficiency and quality. We also believe that local economies are important which is why we support local supply chains as much as we can.

A forum for sharing best practice, the Alliance also results in stronger teamwork, closer integration and best value – all crucial to the delivery of a value-for-money, high-quality performance for our customers.

Quality partners

Our suppliers are selected through a stringent process which examines their track record, experience, financial stability, size, geographical coverage, health and safety performance, environmental standards and quality policies.

Contractor performance

We continue to rigorously monitor their performance across areas including pre-site cooperation, adherence to programme, labour and work quality and safety record. All of our supply chain partners are expected to achieve a set level of performance and we work closely with them to ensure they meet the high standards which we require and our customers expect.

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How we work

If you would like to be registered with us so that you feature on our database of Sub Contractors please complete and send us the Sub Contractor questionnaire.  We will process this pre-qualification onto our systems, but you will not hear from us until we have an appropriate tender for you to price.

Sub contract

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