Anoopam Mission, New Temple, Denham

  • Anoopam Mission Temple

    Anoopam Mission Temple

  • Anoopam Mission Temple

    Anoopam Mission Temple

  • Anoopam Mission Temple

    Anoopam Mission Temple

  • Anoopam Mission Temple

    Anoopam Mission Temple

A new single storey temple building for the Anoopam Mission’s UK headquarters.


This scheme involved the design and construction of a unique temple building in Denham along with an admin block and plant room. This is phase 1 of a larger scheme constructed early so that the temple could be open for a very significant festival in the summer of 2015. As such, the scheme was designed to incorporate the next phase which will build around, over and under parts of the phase 1.

Unusual construction techniques were employed such as the Dryvit Canadian insulated rendering system incorporating preformed shapes and features shipped into the UK.   Works included intricate and ornate detail such as carved woodwork and extensive marble flooring with features imported from India.

We used acoustic spray on the ceiling to help produce echos inside the temple, which amplifies their music.


  • Unique Canadian rendering system
  • The domes and shakiras originally coming from India had to be sourced in the UK
  • Very tight access direct from the A40 carriageway
  • High water table
  • Understanding the Hindu belief and ensuring respect from the workforce


We held numerous design meetings to interpret and incorporate the Indian drawings into the imported rendering system.

We were able to employ a GRP specialist who made timber moulds from Indian details and manufactured the units off site for subsequently craning into position.

Large loads were delivered between 3-4am. We adapted the drainage design and installation techniques to work under the 300mm deep water table.

Subcontractor operatives were carefully selected and rigorously inducted to ensure religious beliefs were respected on site.

“It was a challenge to look for a company that could build a Hindu temple in the UK, but we made the right choice with Beard. Their standard of work is excellent, and we were so pleased with the professional way in which they accommodated all of our needs and finished the work in what seemed like an impossible time-line. The quality and finish of the new mandir building speaks for itself – it continues to receive so much praise from all our visitors.”

Satish Chatwani


Anoopam Mission

“Beard went the extra mile to ensure that the temple grounds were respected as per Hindu norms. We were touched by their cultural sensitivity. Their work ethic was very impressive, and was carried out with such ease that it seemed like the temple rose out of the ground!”

Himat Swami

Head Priest and Temple Secretary

Anoopam Mission


Anoopam Mission

Contract value

£3.7 million


MEB Design Ltd

Quantity Surveyor

Thornton Firkin & Partners

Contract duration

43 weeks

Form of contract

JCT Design and Build

Procurement Method

Two Stage Negotiated

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