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A highly sensitive building refurbishment and extension of the multi-award-winning Corinium Museum which has doubled exhibition space and improved visitor facilities.


The Corinium Museum is home to one of the largest collections of Romano-British antiquities and priceless artefacts. This refurbishment scheme had to be carefully implemented so as to avoid any potential damage to the museum’s extremely old and valuable collections which included a 2,000 year-old mosaic which was too fragile to move.

Beard carried out internal piling and construction of a mezzanine floor to provide visitors with an improved vantage point over the exhibits. In addition, a new roof structure was created and a passenger lift to the mezzanine floor installed.

Works also involved the modernisation of the main entrance, the creation of a new learning centre and improvements to the museum’s exhibit store at Northleach. New staff facilities were additionally installed along with a range of temperature-controlled display environments showcasing the museum’s ancient artefacts.


  • Restricted access via a 1.8 metre-wide entrance which required all piling equipment to be assembled on site and small plant to move materials and steel sections
  • As the works were in Cirencester, Britain’s second largest Roman town, all excavations were carried out with an archaeological watching brief – a formal programme of archaeological monitoring, observation and recording – which took place during intrusive groundwork to protect any undetected ancient remains
  • Piling and construction work within 2 metres of the mosaic floor raised special protection concerns


Protecting the mosaics by encasing them in waterproof block-work enabled the team to progress the major structural works. To prevent damage the team worked closely with conservation specialists and conducted regular vibration testing to ensure work could proceed.

“We were all very impressed by the Beard Construction team’s enthusiasm for the project and the quality of the end result.” 

John Paddock, Curator, Corinium Museum



Cotswold District Council

Contract value

£3.5 million


Peter Yiangou Associates

Quantity Surveyor

Gardiner & Theobald

Contract duration

81 weeks

Form of contract


Procurement Method


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