Magdalen College School

  • New School IT classroom 1. MCS frontage

  • Magdalen College School dining & teaching block -613

  • Magdalen College School dining & teaching block -613

A new, environmentally sustainable three-storey dining hall and teaching block, completed in time for the start of the new term.


Connected to the existing school by a glazed link, this new visually striking, stone and pre-patinated copper building not only provides high quality facilities for students and staff, but also acts as an impressive new focal point for visitors to the school.

The building offers new kitchen and dining facilities, art studios and IT suites along with offices and a reception. Environmentally-friendly heating and ventilation systems such as ground source heat pumps, intelligent lighting and passive ventilation, have been installed to reduce the building’s carbon footprint. A network of 18 bore holes beneath the school car park provides the thermal energy for the ground source heat pump, which in turn feeds the underfloor heating system.


  • Potential project delays due to late information for the mechanical controls
  • Co-ordinating many different trades working in a small space in an awkward sequence
  • The school could not afford to lose too much of their existing car park so the site compound and material store were limited
  • Difficult site access


Late information for the mechanical controls would have caused significant site delays had the team not procured a temporary heating plant in order to continue on course with the construction programme. Strong logistical planning and co-ordination skills were needed from our project team at all times to ensure that there was no disruption to the building plan. Careful traffic management was required to cope with deliveries, especially when larger vehicles were involved.

There were a number of challenges for the team on this job – the need to coordinate many different trades, working in a particularly awkward sequence and little storage space. Yet despite this, our team resolved issues for the client, maintained momentum and delivered a superb high quality building, in time for the start of the new school term.”

John Youle, Construction Director, Beard


Magdalen College School

Contract value

£4.75 million


Buttress Fuller Alsop Williams

Quantity surveyor

Beauford Ellis Associates

Contract duration

55 weeks

Form of contract

JCT 2005

Procurement Method


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