Kingham Hill School, Maths & Science Block, Chipping Norton

  • Kingham Hill School Science Block

    Kingham Hill School Science Block

  • Kingham Hill School Science Block

    Kingham Hill School Science Block

  • Kingham Hill School Science Block

    Kingham Hill School Science Block

  • Kingham Hill School Science Block

    Kingham Hill School Science Block

A new maths and science block constructed using CLT frames.


This independent school is set in 96 acres of land in the Cotswolds and dates back to 1886.

The new building provides the school with six classrooms, six state of the art science laboratories, a seminar room and three science prep rooms as well as office space for staff.

By using CLT panels, the building frame was constructed in nine weeks. The frame was subsequently clad in Cotswold stone, cedar and zinc, enabling it to blend with the other Cotswold stone buildings on the estate.

The two storey building is designed around a light filled atrium, reducing the need for artificial lighting. It has a passive ventilation system to help regulate the temperature, and CO2 levels in each room, automatically opening and closing the windows as required.


  • CLT frame design
  • CLT frame installation
  • Working adjacent to other classrooms


The challenge with a CLT frame is to ensure sufficient time is available for full design co‐ordination with finishes, services and drainage. Together with other key sub‐contractors we ensured that all necessary holes for services could be manufactured into the panels with a high level of accuracy.

Manoeuvring the cumbersome CLT panels onto the tight site was difficult as a mobile crane was used to install them but this was on top of a hill and the site was prone to strong winds. Achieving the high level of accuracy required from the concrete slab with tolerances of -5 / +0 took careful co-ordination and patience of the operatives.

Working so close to occupied classrooms and the dining hall meant that construction traffic and large numbers of pupils crossed each other’s paths. Traffic and pedestrian segregation was put in place along with crossing points.

“The Veritas Maths and Science building at Kingham Hill School, built using a Cross Laminated Timber frame, demonstrated Beard’s ability to deliver a complex and innovative project within the constraints of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Through a strong construction team and proactive approach, the work of the School continued unhindered.  As a result of their work on this project, Beard are now undertaking their third project for the School.”

Catriona Thompson

Bursar, Kingham Hill School


Kingham Hill School

Contract value

£3.3 million


Burrell Foley Fischer

Quantity Surveyor

Stratton Castell & Partners

Contract duration

50 weeks

Form of contract


Procurement Method

Competitive Single Stage

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