Phyllis Court Grandstand Refurbishment, Henley-on-Thames

  • Phyllis Court grandstand

    Phyllis Court grandstand

  • Phyllis Court

    Phyllis Court

  • Phyllis Court- D0082

    Phyllis Court

A complete refurbishment of an iconic Grade II listed building on the banks of the River Thames in Henley.


Phyllis Court is a members only club in Henley-on-Thames. The grandstand is used for functions such as weddings, private parties and, of course, the famous Henley Royal Regatta.

Their previous grandstand had two decks. The lower deck was enclosed, whilst the upper deck was overlaid with a white awning and makeshift windows so guests could look out onto the river, this was a flimsy construction and not comfortable for spectators on a windy day.

The newly refurbished grandstand kept all of the steel frame, whilst we enclosed the upper deck with an insulated twin skin tensile fabric roof to form banqueting and conference suites. This fabric roof was the same construction as the Millenium Dome roof, we used the same supplier that installed the roof on the London Olympics Aquatic Centre. We integrated floor to ceiling windows on the grandstand, a two storey extension to the west side and two lifts inside.


Our team did extensive value engineering to save the customer around £318,000. We rationalised the roof structure, changed the lift specification, value engineered the staircase and changed the window system without diminishing the overall look of the building.

We planned a solution to cope with the high water table which included continuous flight auger piles and the installation of a temporary wellpoint dewatering system to facilitate the construction of the two lift pits.

We managed the noise and dust so it did not affect the neighbour’s boathouse next to the grandstand.

The team worked over time and weekends to ensure the building was snagged and handed over in time for Henley Royal Regatta.

“No matter what the challenges, Beard were willing to pull out all the stops to get the job done.”

Cornelius Kavanagh, Architect, Hives Architects


Phyllis Court

Contract value

£1.5 million


Hives Architects

Quantity Surveyor

George Brownlee and Partners

Contract duration

34 weeks

Form of contract

JCT Intermediate

Procurement Method


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