Refurbishment and New Extension at St Andrew’s Church, Oxford

  • St Andrews Church

  • St Andrews Church

    St Andrews Church

  • St Andrews Church

A new extension and refurbishment to the existing building providing an exciting new facility for the local community in this north Oxford church.


The construction of a new steel-framed two-storey extension to the side of the existing church by a double height glazed concourse and provides a new hall, crèche and kitchen. A feature staircase leads to a walkway, running the length of the upper floor, giving access to meeting rooms and a youth room with a café.

Extensive remodelling works were carried out to the existing church, with a new single storey extension housing new offices and a kitchen. The interior of the church was stripped out, renovated and re-fitted with new services, fixtures and fittings and decorations. The oak floor to the worship hall was refurbished and extended into the new entrance hall.

A waterproof tanking system was installed in the existing church basement and a new basement plant room constructed at the rear of the extension.

Challenges and solutions

  • Logistics – the logistical complications involved in the construction of the new extension were considerable; not least due to the location of the site in a narrow, quiet residential street. The extension, situated to the side and rear of the church, was constructed against the boundaries of the adjacent residential properties. Excavating the basement, deep beneath the boundary walls, involved major earthworks support measures; and the removal of several hundred tonnes of spoil had to be carried out sensitively with minimal disruption to the neighbours. Careful scheduling of vehicle movements was necessary to reduce the impact of site traffic upon the local community
  • 3D modelling – the design included a complicated configuration of piled ground beams and foundations, supporting the basement and the main structure. We used 3D modelling and visualisation on site to enable our groundworks and concrete subcontractors to gain a better appreciation of the complex geometry involved
  • Church access – the church remained in operation for the whole of the 41 week contract and this presented numerous challenges
  • Access had to be provided for church users through working areas, meaning that clear, safe walkways and escape routes had to be constructed for church users, many of whom were elderly and infirm or disabled
  • Careful phasing of the works was needed to allow the church uninterrupted access to the worship hall, meeting rooms and toilet and welfare facilities, whilst extensive alteration works were carried out to these areas
  • Great sensitivity and understanding was displayed by our site staff and subcontractors, halting operations and ensuring no disturbance to churchgoers during funerals and other services


Parochial Parish Council

Contract value

£1.8 million


MEB Design Ltd

Quantity Surveyor

Synergy Bare Leaning & Bare

Contract duration

41 weeks

Form of contract

JCT Standard with Quantities

Procurement Method

Competitive Single Stage

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