Prompt and Faultless Delivery

Prompt and Faultless Delivery

Staff at Beard are committed to delivering an excellent service to our customer and making prompt and faultless delivery a reality on every project.  We achieve this through thorough project planning, stong sub-contractor engagement and attention to detail.

Great care is taken in the selection of the right team and subcontractors with skills matching the requirement of the project.  Staff personal objectives are linked to achieving prompt and faultless delivery of the projects.


Completion on time occurs when we:

  • Understand and plan the work thoroughly
  • Deal with all design issues fully in sufficient time before work commences
  • Ensure we have the right level of resources for each element of the work
  • Procure resources in sufficient time
  • Choose the right sub-contractor for each element of the work and explain fully what is expected of them
  • Ensure we provide a clean, efficient site which facilitiates all craftsmen performing to their optimum
  • Track progress against the agreed programme and put into place alternative plans when required


Achieving zero defects occurs when we:

  • Understand the quality standards our customers require
  • Set high standards for our staff and everyone working on the site
  • Give sufficient time to completing each element of the project
  • Deal with deviation from agreed standards promptly as they are highlighted
  • Plan project handover to maximise customer satisfaction and minimise frustration and wasted time for our customers and their consultants

Customer Satisfaction

Exceeding customer expectations occurs when we:

  • Understand our customers’ project priorities and make their priorities our priorities
  • Delivery what we say we will do, on or before we said we would do it
  • Communicate openly and clearly about project issues and be considerate of customer issues
  • Show a pleasant, personal demeanour which customers find reassuring
  • Avoid waste at all stages of the project

And of course

  • Forward a fully compliant O&M manual on or before project practical completion

Right first time, on time and with a smile

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