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Our environmental responsibility extends through all our activities

The chance to ask questions, challenge convention, build it better.

From the operational performance of the buildings we work in, the buildings we create and their embodied carbon, to our construction methods and everything we procure - we consider the impact of all of our activities and we take our responsibility seriously.

Our reputation isn’t built on good enough, we always strive to be better tomorrow than we are today.

Our approach to sustainability is no different.

Carbon reduction 

Our goal is to reduce our carbon intensity by 5% year-on-year for the next 5 years, from our 2019 baseline.

One of our fundamental principles is to minimise the impact of our buildings on the environment - not just in terms of our construction processes but also for the life of the buildings we create.

That commitment to sustainability has matured into a pledge, mandated by the board, to achieve net zero by 2050, in line with the UN’s Net Zero Coalition. In fact, we are likely to reach that ambition sooner.

  • Reducing energy consumption through all our operations
  • On-site energy generation, a phased programme of installing ground source heat pumps and solar PV panels throughout our office locations
  • Upgrading our site accommodation to be more energy efficient, coupled with ongoing investment in our own infrastructure to reduce waste and improving efficiencies
  • Upgrading our fleet to electric vehicles
  • Zero fossil fuel tariffs at all our office
  • Flexible working, a policy to reduce unnecessary travel and promote a better work/life balance
  • Environmental car allowance scheme, incentivising our people to use lower emission vehicles and providing EV chargers at our offices
  • Reducing waste: eliminate, reduce, re-use, recycle, dispose
  • Enhancing biodiversity on our projects
  • Working together: collaborating with our supply chain partners and raising awareness to encourage everyone to think and act with their heart, and our carbon footprint in mind

The achievement of our environmental goals as a collective effort with our customers, supply chain partners & colleagues


We're committed to protecting the environment and ensuring that
our ambitions today do not come at the expense of future generations.

In response to the ongoing climate change, we have set ambitious targets
to reduce carbon emissions through investment in green technology,
influencing behaviours and reducing waste. From solar panels to
ground source heat pumps, every project presents new opportunities
to consider our impact on the environment.

All unsustainable or protected materials are monitored and all timber
used on our projects is fully accredited.

Our activities in this area are underpinned by our ISO14001:2015 certification.


We act ethically, openly and honestly.

Our strategies and processes ensure equal opportunities for all, encourage the reporting of concerns, and protect whistle-blowers.

We build long term relationships and communicate our expectations to everyone who works with us.

Ongoing changes to the way we work, and our investment in our own infrastructure, contributes towards improving efficiencies, reducing waste and positively influencing human behaviour.

Our family friendly policies and values, and our commitment to putting people first, make Beard a great place to work. We are proud to have achieved Gold level accreditation from Investors in People.


As a main contractor, we understand the influence of our design recommendations and our procurement decisions. Our sustainability policy sets out our approach, ensuring that we consider our effect on the environment, as well as the impact of our partners.

Through a robust subcontractor selection process, we evaluate and select key partners who collaborate and integrate with our environmental goals. Part of caring for our communities means buying local services and materials.

All our supply chain partners are compliant with UK employment legislation and are required to have an Equity Policy or adhere to our own.

We recognise that getting paid on time is vital to smaller suppliers, so we set up a prompt payments policy that is truly industry leading and have signed up to the Prompt Payment Code.



Making a meaningful difference, as part of our Carbon Reduction Plan we have made a significant investment in UK forestry and bought 194 acres of stunning woodland near Bristol.

Wrington Warren is an undulating expanse of trees and pastureland which rubs shoulders with the foothills of the Mendips. Maintaining and developing this natural landscape will allow us to use carbon sequestration directly to help offset our residual emissions as we move towards net zero.

Biological carbon sequestration takes place when carbon is stored in natural environments. Woodland like ours is considered one of the best forms of sequestration as it stores twice as much carbon as it emits.

We haven’t become leaders in our industry by accepting the status quo. As a family owned company with a proud history since 1892, legacy is important to us.

We understand the impact of our industry on the environment. We want to be part of the solution.


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